Thursday, March 22, 2018

June Taylor's Country Kitchen

June & I were were on the hunt for a little kitchen for her bedroom when moving into the house, but had to get creative when we couldn't find what we were looking for. We created this sweet little diner/kitchen with a nightstand and shelves we already had, and antique dishes & linens we've collected. The stars aligned just right for us on this project, but it would be really simple to recreate.

(She uses her white pitcher & basin as a sink, making the project much easier than it could have been.)   

I just happened to find this mirror at a silent auction & it MATCHED! Had I not found this, I was planning on using a pretty rectangular mirror with small handmade curtains mounted on a rod just above.

Mini everything. SO CUTE! These are my favorite treasures to find on the hunt.

She hangs her antique tablecloths on the wall next to her window & keeps her smaller "kitchen linens" (vintage hankies) in the kitchen drawer.

I also bought her an assortment of faux-flowers, trimmed them, & put them all together in a pretty little box so she can create her own floral arrangements in these mini vases. (This Church Lady Luncheon Vase set is from The Bluebell, I'll make it available online ASAP.)

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