Monday, August 14, 2017

Faux Succulent Nesting Box

Natural + neutral.

Supply List:

Container - I used a small wood crate
Floral styrofoam to fit & fill container
A mix of 2 mosses - I chose a mix of a bleached/light & a natural color
Faux Succulents - I found these at Michael's
Assorted Faux Eggs

Simply fill your container with a styrofoam, the soft green or brown works best & is easily hidden under the bed of moss.  Mound the styrofoam-filled container with a thick bed of dried moss.  Place your succulents in the moss, working from the center, out.  I made a grouping of three.  Create small pockets (or nests) in the moss & fill with eggs.  You can use small drops of hot glue to keep the eggs in place.  I then added a light moss afterwards for a little extra contrast & texture.



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