Monday, August 14, 2017

Faux Succulent Nesting Box

Natural + neutral.

Supply List:

Container - I used a small wood crate
Floral styrofoam to fit & fill container
A mix of 2 mosses - I chose a mix of a bleached/light & a natural color
Faux Succulents - I found these at Michael's
Assorted Faux Eggs

Simply fill your container with a styrofoam, the soft green or brown works best & is easily hidden under the bed of moss.  Mound the styrofoam-filled container with a thick bed of dried moss.  Place your succulents in the moss, working from the center, out.  I made a grouping of three.  Create small pockets (or nests) in the moss & fill with eggs.  You can use small drops of hot glue to keep the eggs in place.  I then added a light moss afterwards for a little extra contrast & texture.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Our Farmhouse Dining Room; Before & After

After over a year of renovating our 1880's farmhouse, the inside is almost finished! We have several small projects left in each room, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter each day!  I'm starting in the dining room because as far as renovations go, this room is complete.  As far as decorating goes, I don't know if I'm ever truly finished with a room.

Nick has a great eye for opening up a floor plan.  I couldn't see beyond the walls, but the day we walked in, key-in-hand, he quickly showed me with a sledge hammer.  It filled this place with new light & new life!  I'm so excited to show the remainder of the main level, as you'll be able see this old house transform from an awkward layout of few small rooms to one large, functional & open living space.  

Before the walls came down, the posts & beams went up, the skylights were taken out & replaced with a chandelier, the old windows were replaced, the floors were leveled, the new flooring was installed, & the ceiling was replaced.

Voila!! Here it is; open, bright, & inviting!

I'll be back soon with more renovation posts! & a few decorating posts in between.

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