Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Sweetest Secret | Guilt - Free Vanilla Iced Coffee

I quit sugar a little over a year ago and the hardest part for me was giving up my morning drive-thru iced coffee & lattes.  The breakup was a physical & very emotional one, so I had to quickly come up with a solid, guilt-free rebound.  After lots of desperate experimenting in the kitchen, I now have a handful of healthier drink options, including this one - my favorite.  I make this every morning & it takes just seconds.  It not only tastes better than my ol' habits - but it's much healthier too.

My sweetener of choice is this organic liquid stevia from Trader Joe's. It's safe, calorie-free, low glycemic, and 300x sweeter than sugar (so it doesn't take much).  A bottle like this can last for weeks - & I use it for so many different things!  

What I use: 

Starbucks UNSWEETENED iced coffee, over ice
(I buy mine at Target)

A splash of unsweetened almond milk, but sometimes I switch it up with these:
Cashew milk
Flax milk
or Coconut milk 

(You could use regular milk, I don't because it's too much sugar for me.)

A few drops of pure vanilla extract, to taste.
(I store my vanilla in an old stevia bottle with an eyedropper)

& liquid stevia, to taste.

For this 20 oz jar - I typically use half an eyedropper of vanilla & 1-2 eyedroppers of liquid stevia.

This is so simple to make, there isn't any measuring - it's all visual & made to taste.  I've made this vanilla iced coffee so many times that I don't even think about what I'm doing as I whip it up on my way out in the morning.

& no, I don't always wrap it in lace appliqu├ęs & pink twine.