Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hayseed Homemade Happiness

A few simple Hayseed Homemade rules for a happier kitchen & home:

Keep a jar of fresh flowers on the table. (or a vase, whatever suits your style.)    
Minnesota winters can seem so dang long, especially when spring can't seem to commit to us around here.  So I've been keeping fresh flowers in the kitchen for the last few weeks as a pick-me-up.  I buy a new bouquet weekly (thankfully, my taste in flowers is pretty inexpensive: I like that country-wildflower look.)  Even if it's just a daisy or two, try it out... It'll put a little spring in your step.

Light a candle.  It's a mood thing & a nice finishing touch after cleaning.

Keep it playing: even if it's quietly in the background.  Dishes aren't as boring to the sound of a steel guitar & Strait.

Fresh Air & Sunshine.
Crack open a window, tie back your curtains.

Brew up some happiness.
I always keep hot coffee in the pot or cold tea & lemons in the fridge: depends on the season.

Keep things around that are pretty, useful, and/or important.  Get rid of the rest.

It could be a pretty coffee cup, a pretty dish towel, or a pretty picture frame: get it in your life.  Functional doesn't have to be ordinary.

The Small Things.
Enjoy 'em.

Rise 'N Shine.
Make it a point to go to bed with a clean kitchen & a tidy living room (or wherever you spend most of your time.)  Wake up to a fresh start every day & take a little time to enjoy all of these things listed above- even if it means giving yourself a few minutes before the kids rise...& shine all over the house.

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