Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kitchen Storage: Cupcake Liners

I just retired my new [but rusting] colander & gave it a fresh purpose: pretty cupcake liner storage...

...but, the main reason for this post?  How about these adorable [vintage linen/country-esque] cupcake liners I found at Micheal's in their bargain section [near the checkout]?!  Pictured above are three of the packages I bought for $1.50 each!  These are just too dang cute, I had to share.


  1. I have the cupcake liners and the colander! Is it the one from Ikea? If so, yay because it looks great used this way. But at the same time BOO because it's already rusting for you which leads me to believe it might not have been the best purchase this weekend :(

    1. Actually, I bought mine at Homegoods! So you might be safe with your Ikea colander... Good luck!

  2. And the prize for most adorable cupcake liners goes to... ;) Love your cute blog!