Friday, January 4, 2013

Cleaning & Organizing [Kitchen Storage]

On this fine day, [Day 2 of my overwhelming organizing project], I focused on the kitchen drawers & cabinets.  I started off by purging the kitchen of EVERYTHING I can live without... if I haven't used it in the last year, it's gone.  For example: A pineapple cutter & corer.  I've cut dozens of pineapples...without it.

Next, I wiped down all of my [newly lined] drawers & shelves.  I also put my new silverware tray to work [as shown above.]  After lining the drawers, I didn't like that I couldn't see the pretty contact paper through the plastic storage tray I was using.  I switched to wire & I love it.  No regrets there.

If it worked before, why mess with a good thing?  After a nice wipe down, the cabinets still look freshly organized, though I didn't make any changes with my dishes.  I started grouping items by use.  I kept the things I need to grab in a hurry in convenient locations, based on where I'd be using them.  [For example, dishes: directly above the dishwasher, for easy unloading.] 
I keep hot pads, wooden spoons, spatulas, olive oil, etc. - within reach of the range.  Although in my kitchen, everything is within reach.

 I freed up two entire drawers by moving my kitchen towels to this pretty wire basket & my cookie cutters to this pretty cookie jar.  Also, I stored all of my measuring cups & spoons and other various baking utensils in cute glass canisters.  All of this found a new home on my baker's rack!

& here's that handy baker's rack.

After lots of thought on "what are my biggest issues in the kitchen??" ...I have to say SPICES have been very inconvenient to find.  I kept them near the stove for convenience, but since the spice cabinet provided near the range is so narrow, I had to pull all of the spices out to find one.  I decided to lay the spices in a drawer, label up.  This is much more efficient.  & Other than the spice issue, I can't complain much, my little kitchen has been pretty good to me! 
 I have also condensed all of my kitchen goods down to the basics & necessities.  I went from 3 "cooking utensil" drawers down to one, 1 "baking utensil" drawer to 0 [it's all aesthetically camouflaged on the baker's rack now], etc.  As I sorted, I asked myself a few questions; "Does it serve a purpose I cannot live without? Can I do the same job with a different smaller object, perhaps a knife?  Does it take more time to clean than to use?  & If I have no use for it, is it pretty enough to take up precious cabinet/countertop/drawer space & store for another year?" 

I stored all of our food in two large [double door] cabinets.  I bought a little bin to store on-the-go snacks for the kids, so we just combine them all into the bin, discard the boxes & save on space.  Other than canned goods, everything else was grouped & stored according to where I find it in the grocery store.  This coordinates with how I write my grocery lists. 

After several kitchen re-organization projects in the past, I think I found a system that works.  It's all about trial & error & taking notes on what works, what doesn't, & what could work better.  Does the process ever really end?



  1. ok. stop posting things about cleaning and organizing. it is making me get up off my butt and do stuff...gawd... ;)

  2. Love that cookie jar! What a sweet kitchen you have. I had the same problem with my spices and I came up with a solution that really works for me. Just thought I'd share it with you. Have a great day! Here's the link to my spice solution:

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  4. You have just my style and I have an issue I wondered how you would tackle...the unending paper that comes from the mailbox and ends up on my bar! How would you organize and store it??
    Kowgirl Kerry

  5. I really love the contact paper with the basket utensil holder - where did you get the contact paper from?

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  7. Love that idea for spice storage - although, it'd probably be a pain to always keep the labels facing up. You could get one of those K-cup drawer organizers though to keep them from rolling around. Or ya know, just store them in some climate control storage units - but you'd really only need that if you had a LOT of spices ;)