Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cleaning & Organizing [The Kitchen Sink]

This year I'd really like to spend more time with the kids & less time on housework.  I'm not big on "New Years resolutions," but since the holidays are over, it seems like a good time to clean up & organize!  I figure if I can "simplify" my system, my daily cleaning will become a breeze.  So for the next few days, I'll be chipping away at my goal, one project at a time.

Day One: The Kitchen Sink & A Coffee Station [next post]

All of my cleaning adventures start in the kitchen.  My cleaning motto: the worst comes first.  Because of the "high traffic" in this room, I try to keep up with it throughout the day so it doesn't get the best of me at the end of the day.  & To me, the sink area is the foundation of a kitchen;  & I see it as a reflection of the cleanliness of the rest of my house... so if i have water spots on my faucet & dishes in the sink, I can't relax.  Sick, I know.
Hear those angels singin'?
The secret to sparkling windows, mirrors, & plumbing fixtures: Water & Norwex Window Cloths.  I will never polish a shiny surface with anything else again, ever.  Literally STREAK-FREE.  Next to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers & Barkeeper's Friend, this is one of the best "cleaning discoveries" I've stumbled upon.  *I'm not benefiting in any way by mentioning these.  I just have to share how amazing they are... they completely changed the way I clean.

 & as I have mentioned before, I keep my sink looking new & polished with Bar Keeper's Friend.

 I love this handsoap/lotion set from Anthropologie.  It was a bridal shower gift [a couple of years ago] & it's so pretty, I've been using it & refilling it since.  [I'd have dry, cracked hands all winter if I didn't have this wonder-team sitting next to my sink, reminding me to moisturize.]

 & everything deserves a pretty home... including the sponge.  I use a small antique serving dish.  When I replace my sponge [at least weekly], I just run the dish through the dishwasher!  Simple, pretty, & sanitary.
 One of the more time-consuming projects I've been working on: lining every drawer & cabinet in the house.  The results are magical.

I keep my daily cleaning supplies simple & under the sink.  In one bucket, I store vinegar, vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle [I use this for dusting wood surfaces, wiping my kitchen countertop & table, wood floors, & go-to spray, not the best smell, but natural, cheap, & effective -not for use on natural stone or porcelain!! It can eat away at the finish!],  Bar Keeper's Friend [for the kitchen sink & bath tub], & when I get tired of the scent of vinegar, & want to turn my cleaning days into "spa" days, I just pour a little of this all-purpose cleaner [my favorite scent - Lemon Verbena] in a bucket of warm water, grab my microfiber cloth, and indulge in some aromatherapy. 

In another bucket under the sink,  I store my dishwasher detergent, rinse aid, a small bottle of bleach, dish soap, extra sponges, & a scrub brush [only used on] my cast iron cookware.
& in a third bucket, I store my color-coded microfiber cleaning clothes, along with my Norwex cloths.

Because of the lack of storage space in the kitchen, I store my "specialty" & bulk cleaning products in our laundry room in the basement.
Also, I keep the bathroom-specific cleaning products under the sink in the bathroom.

On to the next thing: the coffee station.


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