Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hicktown Halloween

I know this is a little late, but I've been meaning to share the Halloween costume Jackson wore this year!  He was the cutest little Jason Aldean in our neck of the woods [& probably the only one].  It was a big hit!  & so simple... Jackson James already has the wardrobe & the lyrics down, he just needed a little facial hair & a guitar [his first, he is so excited to start lessons soon!]  At 4 years old, this kid is a "big"Aldean fan... 

For Christmas he asked us for a mic & a guitar strap!  He means buisness ;) 

& of course, I cannot leave out his sister, June Taylor.  Her costume was thrown together minutes before we walked out the door.  It's really nothing spectacular.  Her cowgirl boots went MIA & we had to improvise.  Her clothes were already filthy from playing in the dirt that afternoon, so we tossed on her camo jacket, her brother's "coonskin" hat, a bow, & some jewels.  Here's our coonskin June - the little hunter/trapper/backwoods beauty queen:

She insisted on wearing those necklaces.  It worked.


  1. Their costumes were so great! Love it! You are blessed with a couple of cute kids!

    1. Thank you!! & yes, we were SO blessed! They are wild, but cute.