Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rough & Ready Dining Chair

I tried the same technique I used on my belt buckle display for this simple chair I bought for $3.  This was just your average wood chair, found at most thrift stores & garage sales. 

The technique was simple:
I wiped down the chair {so it was free of dust & dirt.}
I sprayed it with red paint, covering it completely.
I let the paint dry & harden overnight.
Then sanded it with a rough sand paper until I achieved this look.
I finished it by lightly sanding the transitions where the wood & paint meet -with a super fine sand paper
& coating it entirely with a spray polyurethane {I almost always use a satin finish.} 

The plan is to eventually collect & "rough-up" enough of these to surround my dining room table!



  1. You are seriously the QUEEN of distressing!!!!

    1. Thank you so much ma'am! I always appreciate & love your support :)

  2. I think it looks a little too fake....

    1. Thanks for the input, Matthew. Natural was not the goal for this project; it was the contrast of the bright, glossy red & the rough unpolished wood. This would not be the technique I'd use if I wanted a naturally worn & weathered look.

  3. Love this! I'm wanting to do this to my kitchen table set and was has an ugly varnish on it. Should I strip/sand it before applying the paint? So it has a better surface to adhere to?