Sunday, June 3, 2012

Painted Arrow Accents

I'm missing my before picture, so imagine this: a yellowed varnish on pine & plywood.  This trunk felt awkward in our living room, but I was given this trunk for my saddle when I was young & wanted to keep it around.  So, I stripped it down, roughly sanded it, applied a dark stain, sanded it again & added the arrow accents.


I just used painters tape to create the arrows {an easy geometric design to re-create}.  Then applied the solid color stain {same color as the "Patina Porch Rocker" I just posted} with a sponge brush.  Peeled the tape & fell in love.   

 I wrapped it around the corners for a little extra dimension.

There are so many patterns/colors/possibilites with this technique... I could go crazy.

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