Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Belt Buckle Display

I found this cup/saucer shelving at a garage sale... it was a dark brown finish & very plain.  $5.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but I wanted it & knew I could put it to use somehow.

& there ya go... A belt buckle display case.  

First I spray painted the entire thing red.  {It came without the backing.}  Then, using a pretty rough sand paper, I sanded it down to this distressed look.  I had Ryan cut a piece of old tin to fit the back of the shelving, then attach it.  

I am very happy with the results!

This project was so simple.  & I love how the rugged look of this really makes those buckles shine.  


They are just so pretty.  Why not display them?   

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Peek into Our Living Room

The front door.  Welcome to our home :)

The "Kunz Family" sign was a bridal shower gift from my aunt & cousins... {they gave me a set of amazing napkins & a beautiful apron also... but that's another post.}  Anyway, depending on the wall space, I usually never let a sign or plaque hang alone.  Here I added an old weather vane from my parents' barn, a thrift store shelf {spray painted}, and the three votive holders.

I never stop at the sign.  

Here's another example... this big "rodeo" plaque was a birthday gift from my mother-in-law.  I just added the small garage sale shelf {spray painted & sanded} and the vintage insulators.  {I use these & blue mason jars throughout the house to tie everything together with that pretty accent color.}

Pheasant feathers- you'll find these throughout our home. 

Our computer desk was an old white desk, now painted black.  Accented with ivory lanterns, old books, a cow, roosters, and ornate gold frames.

Another mason jar- I keep ticket stubs & other small memorabilia in here.

 My "Cowboy Coaster Corral" -a stirrup.

 I keep my dad's childhood saddle on display.  I love all of the character in this little saddle.  The chicken-wire box was the card box Ryan built for our wedding.  {Now filled with birch logs.}

As I looked around our home the other day, I realized that most of what we have is actually old, made new, or just plain old -that's always good too.  It really doesn't take much to decorate a room if you can just walk into a garage sale/thrift store/basement or attic with an open, creative mind.

& maybe a little spray paint.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Kitchen Makeover

 Before {When we bought the house last fall}


 We used corrugated tin from an old farm building for our backsplash.

 We painted & scuffed cabinet doors & drawer fronts.

I have a lot of work to do here on the rack...but check out the missing spindles on top of the cabinets!

 My cast iron skillet {a kitchen necessity}.  On the new range. 

 New light fixtures. {& soon-to-be new window trim [ivory].}

& along with a little lovin' -every kitchen needs a cookie jar.