Friday, May 25, 2012

Lace Dream Catcher

Here's a little something I threw together for June's room.  I have yet to really focus on one theme for her always-changing bedroom decor... but it goes something like this: shabby cowgirl gypsy chic. 

I used:
a wooden embroidery hoop -painted with craft paint
feathers -ends dipped in craft paint
lace fabric
embroidery thread

The simple steps:
  • Wrap & tie the ends of the feathers with embroidery thread.  
  • Attach the opposite end of that thread to the smaller {inside} loop by wrapping & tying.
  • Place your lace fabric over that same smaller loop.
  • Then place the larger, adjustable loop over the fabric & on the smaller loop & tighten. {Making sure to keep the lace fabric tight.}
  • Trim the fabric off of the back of the loop.  
Hang & admire. 

{I have a few more finished with additional details, I'll get those pictures up as soon as I can!}