Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kitchen Utensil Centerpiece

This is the casual centerpiece I made for Sunday {Mama's Day}!

I used:
  • An old flour-sifter as the container for these beautiful coral spray roses, I'm-no floral designer, so I like to keep it simple. 
  • Two vintage graters as my table lanterns {candles placed inside - makes beautiful light in the evening!}
  • A candle holder elevates the grater on the backside of the centerpiece.  {I thought it would be neat to try old cookbooks instead.}
  • Mason jars; the only drinking glasses we use in our home!  I love them!
  • & for a water pitcher, I used an "old" measuring glass.

I went a little crazy with the pictures.. so here they are!

The measuring glass as a water pitcher.
No editing... the light was heavenly today.
A flower-sifter?
It might look the same as one of the other photos... but it's closer.  I swear ;)
So my cast-iron pan serves as a beverage tray too.

Happy Mother's Day!


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