Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Faux Ironstone

'Tis the season for yard & garage sales.  Keep an eye open for those uniquely shaped, yet ugly-colored glass & ceramic vases, pitchers, etc.  Spray paint can turn the ugliest little pitcher into a pretty ironstone-esque decor piece for your home.

I am in love with old Ironstone pitchers.  I don't have the funds or time to come up with a large Ironstone collection like my mom's.  So until the day she decides to pass those down... ;) ... I'll just continue to re-create the look with paint.   

When spray painting glass & ceramic, make sure it is done in light coats, allowing it to dry to the touch between coats.  {It's really only minutes between coats.}  I use an ivory/cream spray paint to achieve the look of Ironstone.  All of my mom's Ironstone pitchers have a high-sheen finish, so a gloss spray paint would probably work best.  However, I used a satin finish paint here & love how it turned out.   

& what would one of my posts be without a mason jar?  It's getting ridiculous... I know.


This little pitcher was littered with an outdated floral pattern until I salvaged the poor thing. 

Happy Thrifting!


  1. And now I have one more thing to add to my DIY list!!! darn it girl, you need to live closer so i can just beg you to do it for me!!!! :)

  2. I never thought to do this....What a fabulous idea.