Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Boots & Bows

Here's a little project for all of you barn-goin' mud-lovers {& for your little pony-lovin' puddle-jumpers.}

I've been obsessing over the bow-tied wellies that have become so popular {but they can be pretty $$$ & hard to find...}  When I tried to place my order for Christmas, the quantities were so limited, I wasn't crazy about the colors & couldn't seem to find a toddler size.  So here's a simple way to make them yourself, customize your colors, & save a little money! This can be done with Uggs & other winter boots too. 
You'll need: 
A pair of boots
A little ribbon
An Extra Large Eyelet Kit from your local craft store (found in the sewing hardware section)
Scissors (& maybe a leather punch to puncture the boots) 
& a hammer
The simple steps:
Follow the steps on the eyelet kit (using your scissors to create holes & a hammer to compress the eyelets)
Choose your ribbon, thread it through the carefully placed eyelets, & tie a bow.

{The bows can be placed on the back of the boots as pictured, on the front, or on the sides; be creative, there are so many possibilities!}