Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Country Girl Glitter-Tees

 I wanted an inexpensive & simple way to spice up some of June's plain-Jane onesies...

I used:
Fabric paint
Foam brushes
Foam sheets
Fine glitter

I created my own stamps by cutting shapes out of foam sheets {normally found in the kids' section of the craft store} then dabbing paint on to one side of the shape with a foam brush.  Carefully place the foam shape, paint side down, onto the t-shirt to transfer the image.  Then I sprinkled the shape with glitter & let it dry.  Once the paint was completely dry {I just let mine sit overnight} I took the shirt outside & shook it out very well.  I also used the horseshoe as a stamp in the same way as the foam shapes, however, I noticed the paint needs to be very generously applied to the shoe for the best results.

I have been washing & drying these shirts using the usual settings.

Be prepared for the glitter storm this stirs up...my house was a sparkling wonderland for the entire week following this project. 


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