Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dolled-Up Show Ribbons

I recently embellished the horse-show ribbons that have been displayed throughout June's equestrian themed room.  I used more ribbon to tie in more color & rhinestones for that cowgirl-sparkle. 

I just wanted to share these examples, more to come soon, along with more photos of June's room :)

Homemade Show-Ribbons

A farm/cowboy/county fair/equestrian theme flows throughout every room in our house.  I use my old horse show ribbons as a way to tie some of the rooms together.  June's room is equestrian/cowgirl themed, however, her colors clash with the typical primary-colored show ribbons.  I made these ribbons to keep her colors & the equestrian theme blended together in a pretty, cowgirl-chic harmony.

I used:
1 spool of wide turquoise/aqua ribbon {not wired}
1 spool of wide salmon ribbon {not wired}
2 thin cardboard circles {a smaller size & a larger size}
& a hot glue gun.

I gathered & glued the ribbon in a circle {using the outline of a smaller circle as a guide}.  Then glued the smaller of the two ribbon-ruffled circles on top or the larger.  Then used strips of the ribbon as tails, glued to the back of the cardboard.  I placed & set my center decorative piece with hot glue.

The center piece of the ribbon can either be a brooch, a concho, or a circle-cut piece of cardboard {maybe embellished with rhinestones or pretty paper}. 

{As an extra, I tied the aqua tulle with a small decorative ribbon to create a bow, then hot-glued it on to the ribbon}

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Machine Shed Shelving

Ryan just finished building this beautiful shelving for Jackson's room.  I have been desperately searching for a farm-esque way to display Jack's ever-growing collection of die-cast tractors.  I drew up this idea, put in my "order" with Ryan & the results were beyond what I imagined.  I am so amazed by Ryan's woodworking talent.  All of the materials he used were salvaged from old buildings {reclaimed hemlock & galvanized steel}.  I will post Jack's room soon.  I still have a little more work to do!  So here's a preview...         

Please forgive the clutter, I still have some organization to do here...