Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Easy Grain Sack Tree Skirt

This tree skirt is inexpensive, simple, & requires no sewing!

All it takes is a little ribbon {about 4 ft?}, scissors & 3-4 burlap grain sacks {more or less depending on how ruffled you want it to look; the more fabric, the more ruffles}

To begin, lay the first grain sack flat & trim off the two sides so the sack opens the long way.

Then after the grain sack is opened & laid flat {lengthwise}, make small 1-2" slits {depending on width of your ribbon} perpendicular to the upper edge of the burlap, every few inches {& about 3 inches down from edge}. 

So at this point you have a long rectangle of fabric with several perpendicular slits across the top.

Then you weave your ribbon through those slits & cinch it up...

Repeat the process, adding as many grain sacks as you'd like to get the look you want.  Once you've achieved the look, lay it around the tree & simply tie your ribbon ends together. 

My tree skirt took about 10 mins to make!

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